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About Us

The Columbia Post Office Credit Union is a member owned non-profit financial institution chartered on June 7, 1927.

Early in 1927, a group of postal employees pooled their savings in order to borrow money at reasonable rates. Today the Credit Union has assets of over 30 million dollars.

The Columbia Post Office Credit Union is the second oldest credit union in South Carolina (The Charleston SC Post Office CU was chartered in 1926)


  • Savings & Loan Services
  • Quarterly Dividends
  • Annual Interest Rebate

Accounts in good standing may receive a refund on finance charges that were paid on the loan. The amount of refund is determined annually, prior to the New Year. (Refunds are not guaranteed)


  • Postal Employees, currently employed or retired, their spouses, children, siblings and their spouses and children. Extended family members of a current credit union member are all eligible to join.


  • One Time Membership Fee of $5.00
  • Minimum Deposit of $25.00.(The $25.00 stays in your account as a base)

Members own the credit union

  • The credit union is owned and governed by its members.
  • Membership meetings are held annually
  • Board of Directors are elected from themembership
  • Members serve on the Supervisory Committee
  • Three members of the Board are elected annually
  • One member of the Supervisory Committee is elected annually

Your Credit Union Employees

All employees of the credit union are retired from the postal service, we have over 250 years of combined Postal Service experience, so we are familiar with your work environment and also as retirees we know what life is like outside the post office.

Manager and Treasurer: James Lattimore
Board VP& Loan Officer: Bubber Holston
Tellers: A.B. Howard
Nat Long
Harry Byrd
Dudley Shelley
L. Marion Eargle
Doris Geddings
Johnny Vega

The Credit Union Board Of Directors currently has 9 members, the Board oversees and directs the operating policy of the credit union by maintaining the bylaws and ensuring that the credit union operates under the banking laws and regulations of both the federal and state government.

Members of the Board serve a term of three years and are elected by all current active members of the credit union. Elections are held at the January Board meeting and that meeting is open to all current share holders. 3 Board members are elected annually.

President: Jerry Burriss
Board Members: Jim Lattimore
Bubber Holston
Bertha Holston
D B Ray
Vickie Finley
Bob Geddings
Faith Spratlin
Karen Patterson
Supervisory Committee: Lloyd Patterson
Bessie Edwards
Mike Wingard